Kiln Unloading & Website Updates!

Monday morning was aaaawesome because we unloaded the kiln! I had probably about half the kiln, oops. I seriously spend too much time in the studio, but why not? Who needs a social life? Just kidding, sorta. Anyways, here are some of my favorites that came out! 

Which leads me to a super exciting announcement, I opened a shop on the website!  Woohooooo, now my pieces will be easily available for browsing and purchasing. I also added the blog, a pottery care page, a review page, and I am working on a "How It's Made" page! I'm really excited about the how it's made page. It will give a ton of insight into what goes into making my work, from beginning to end. I just need to take photos for it and it'll be up. But first I need to find a time where no one else will be in the studio so the photos can be perfect! I'll keep you updated on that. 

That being said, head on over to my shop and check out what's there! Some of my favorites featured above are up for grabs!