Alternative Photo Processing Class

This semester I am in an alternative photo processing class which is only offered every few years. It's super fun! We're doing all kinds of crazy things. So far we've done photograms, chemigrams, sabattier  effect, made pinhole cameras & negatives with them, and made digital negatives of photos and scans. Today we worked on making negatives with the cliche verre technique. Which is basically painting or drawing on glass/any translucent surface. I used ink and glass today. Next class we are going to dye watercolor paper with natural juices (blueberry juice, coffee, beet juice, etc.), and through a process create an image using the paper, our negatives, and the Sun! The actual photo making process could take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks or more depending on the paper and how sunny it is. I'll be posting them when they're done but who knows when that will be! Here is my cliche verre negative I worked on in class today. 


We can scan these into the computer and negate them in Photoshop to see what they print would be like if they were a color negative. I didn't get the chance to scan mine during class because it was wet, but I was curious so I took a photo of the glass and put a negative filter on it.


It's pretty awesome! Thinking in the negative was an interesting challenge.

I am working on another one that I plan to use to make an actual image with. This cactus one will probably remain a digital negative.  

I also made some more mugs in ceramics class, just forgot to take a photo! I'm working on some new forms. I'm starting to enjoy the mug making process instead of dreading it like I used to, which is good news for anyone who may want a mug because I'll be making plenty!